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What is Cordyceps Sinensis?


Chinese traditional medicine uses a variety of natural products to treat illness, among them Cordyceps Sinensis.

Cordyceps sinensis, colloquially known as Chinese Caterpiller fungus is a plant belonging to the ergot family. In China, this extremely rare herb is known as the dong chong xia chao (Winter Worm, Summer Grass). It is also known as Aweto in China and Tibet, and as Yarchagumba in Tibet. Belonging to the fungus category, the nutrients and active ingredients within the Cordyceps possess a variety of pharmacological properties that relates to almost every system in human body.

Cordyceps Sinensis is a species of southeast, mountainous China found only in altitudes above 2000 meters. Cordyceps sinensis spores are scattered by wind after maturation during the end of autumn. It infects and slowly consumes the Hepialidae larva while feeding on roots. The Cordyceps sinensis fungus grows and matures within the insect, absorbing the nutrients and soft tissues within the larva. Gradually the larva dies and dark brown to black fruiting body emerges from the ground, growing out of the forehead of the larvae. The long, usually columnar fruiting body has a reach of 3-5cm. Cordyceps sinensis takes around six years to complete its life cycle. Therefore, natural Cordyceps sinensis is both rare and expensive.

Traditional and precious to Chinese medicinal herbology, ancient medical practitioners believed it was the potent cure to all illnesses. However, for centuries, Cordyceps was exclusive for the Emperors due to its scarcity and high price. Cordyceps sinensis has always been considered the premier agent in the Chinese culture.

With modern day advances and technological evolution, a medical breakthrough was discovered by Microenvironment Control Technology Research Center of Research Institute of Tsinghua University, Zhejiang Yangtze River Delta when they founded the artificial cultivation and reproduction of the fruiting bodies of fresh Cordyceps sinensis.

Cordyceps is now available in the market. It comes in a variety of range, suitable for the consumption of to all who seeks improved and increased quality of health and life.

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