Pimple Problems

Pimple (Acne) Problems

I tried varous type of medication and costly doctor’s treatment and yet didn’t see any improvement at all. A friend of mine recommend Codi Belle and Codi Daylite the AHB Cordyceps products – in just 2 months all my pimple were gone completely. I also use full set of AHB skincare products called Codi Bioceps to keep my skin looks glowing, smooth and shining. Thank you ahb FOR RENEWING BACK MY SKIN.

Skin disease

Skin disease

I suffered from ICHTHYOSIS (a kind of Skin disease) for more than 25 years. Only God Knows how I feel every day, my skin peeled off, my body felt so hot and I have to sleep on banana leave every night, when I woke up the next morning the banana leaves had totally dried up. One day I was recommended to take Codi Juize and Codi Belle and after using for 4 days, my skin turned smoother and had a treamendous recovery. Thank you to AHB cordyceps products.




I am diabetic patient for 7 years and wound at the back of my waist becomes bigger showing the bones. I’m very greatful that my friend recommend me to take Codi Juize and Codi Daylite. After taking AHB cordeyceps products my wound heal tremendously and it save me from further suffering. Thanks to AHB.

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