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Health Benefits of Using Cordyceps

Life style

Long used as a general well-being treatment in China, cordyceps is believed to increase energy and have a positive impact on the immune system. According to WebMD, cordyceps is used to treat the following conditions: Coughs and respiratory disorders Kidney disorders Male sexual dysfunction Anemia...

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Cordyceps (AHB) Vs Wild Cordyceps


What the different between Cordyceps – Asia Herbal Bio-technology (AHB) and Wild Cordyceps The Asia Herbal Bio-technology (AHB) Cordyceps Stroma is highly quality strain  by using latest bio-technology which the fungus is cultivated in a controlled environment. To produce Asia Herbal Bio-technology (AHB) Cordyceps Stroma containing pharmacologically active components...

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Life Cordyceps Singapore


Welcome to Life Cordyceps Singapore. Newly website just created to share the goodness of consuming cordyceps daily for more healthier and energizer. Since “Asia Herbal Biotechnology” or AHB was established in January 2010, we have seen many positive testimonies those who have taken the AHB...

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