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Codi Juice

CODI JUIZE was formulated using the latest Biotechnology combining world international patented tissue cultured CORDYCEPS and 20 types of functional fruits high in antioxidants plus with great hexagonal water therapy proven to make nutrition can be absorbed quickly by the smaller molecules.

Codi Day Lite

Cordyceps is known as a “legendary treasure of the East.” In China, Cordyceps is also called as “winter worm, summer grass” which belongs to the family of fungi. The Tibetan scholars listed it as a ‘magical creatures” due to the seasoning transformation of life cycle. Since ancient times, cordyceps has been used as a tonic herb that helps nourish the kidney, heart and boost up inner strength.

Codi Vital Plus

CODI VITAPLUS is a unique herbal combination of Cordyceps militaris and Cistanche Diserticola formulated to enhance memory, mental and stamina. Our Cordyceps militaris is patented (SIPO: ZL 02 1 33562.1) which contains active ingredients such as cordycepin, cordycepic acid, glutamic acid, polysaccharides, amino acids and vitamin B12. Cistanche deserticola is named as "Rou Congrong" in China, is a natural vital boaster.

Testimonial 1

I tried varous type of medication and costly doctor’s treatment and yet didn’t see any improvement at all. A friend of mine recommend Codi Belle and Codi Daylite the AHB Cordyceps products – in just 2 months all my pimple were gone completely. I also use full set of AHB skincare products called Codi Bioceps to keep my skin looks glowing, smooth and shining. Thank you ahb FOR RENEWING BACK MY SKIN.

Testimonial 2

I suffered from ICHTHYOSIS (a kind of Skin disease) for more than 25 years. Only God Knows how I feel every day, my skin peeled off, my body felt so hot and I have to sleep on banana leave every night, when I woke up the next morning the banana leaves had totally dried up. One day I was recommended to take Codi Juize and Codi Belle and after using for 4 days, my skin turned smoother and had a treamendous recovery. Thank you to AHB cordyceps products.

Testimonial 3

I am diabetic patient for 7 years and wound at the back of my waist becomes bigger showing the bones. I’m very greatful that my friend recommend me to take Codi Juize and Codi Daylite. After taking AHB cordeyceps products my wound heal tremendously and it save me from further suffering. Thanks to AHB.

What is Cordyceps Sinensis?


What is Cordyceps Sinensis? Chinese traditional medicine uses a variety of natural products to treat illness, among them Cordyceps Sinensis. Cordyceps sinensis, colloquially known as Chinese Caterpiller fungus is a plant belonging to the ergot family. In China, this extremely rare herb is known as the dong...

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Health Benefits of Using Cordyceps

Life style

Long used as a general well-being treatment in China, cordyceps is believed to increase energy and have a positive impact on the immune system. According to WebMD, cordyceps is used to treat the following conditions: Coughs and respiratory disorders Kidney disorders Male sexual dysfunction Anemia...

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What the experts say about Cordyceps


There are more than 21 Clinical Reports that have shown the potential of Cordyceps as an herb in maintaining the health of body systems. Among these are journals detailing its efficacy as anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and haematinic agents; as well as describing its promising results on...

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Cordyceps (AHB) Vs Wild Cordyceps


What the different between Cordyceps – Asia Herbal Bio-technology (AHB) and Wild Cordyceps The Asia Herbal Bio-technology (AHB) Cordyceps Stroma is highly quality strain  by using latest bio-technology which the fungus is cultivated in a controlled environment. To produce Asia Herbal Bio-technology (AHB) Cordyceps Stroma containing pharmacologically active components...

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What is Cordyceps?


Cordyceps is a fungus (mushroom) that grows on the larvae of the caterpillar Hepialus armoricanus Oberthuer. It has been used in traditional Chinese medicine and by herbalists as a treatment for a variety of illnesses. As cordyceps must be grown in high altitudes, it is...

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